Tadich Grill


Tadich Grill ownership prides itself on a staff reflective of the rich heritage and tradition of the restaurant.  Our waiters know your name and our bartenders remember how you like your martini.  Our cooks procure the freshest ingredients daily and prepare your order with the same care delivered over the past century and a half.  Our guests deserve the best and that's what Tadich Grill consistently delivers.


The average Tadich Grill server has been a professional server for over 33 years and with Tadich Grill an average of 16 years. Tadich Grill servers each started in other top San Francisco restaurants, now finding themselves in the place they hope to spend the rest of their career.


The average Tadich Grill bartender has been a professional bartender for over 30 years and with Tadich Grill for over 17 years.  Pouring drinks at this establishment is all about tradition and consistency.  Tadich Grill is known for classic handmade cocktails such as Martinis, Manhattans, Negronis, Old Fashioneds, and Side Cars.  Making these classics consistently is easy because of the number prepared day in and day out.  Paul Lovallo has been at his station at the front of Tadich Grill for 28 years, serving drinks and directing the crowds.  Paul exemplifies what Tadich Grill is all about.


The average Tadich Grill cook has been working in the foodservice industry all their professional lives and for Tadich Grill for over 17 years.


Since the 1920's, there have been only seven Head Chefs at Tadich Grill. Mitch Buich became Head Chef in 1924. His brother Louie shared chef duties with Mitch until 1953. Mitch retired in 1961 and was followed by Dominic Ivelich, who began working for John Tadich in 1912. Dominic retired on January 21, 1966, and was succeeded by David "Garo" Sokitch, who remained until the same date in 1982. "Garo" Sokitch's successor was John Canepa. When John retired in 1996, Fritz Braker took the position as Head Chef until 2003. Rajko Marin, after working as Sous Chef since 1981 for Chef's Sokitch, Canepa, and Braker, took over the Head Chef position from 2003-2013 until his return to Croatia.


The counter at Tadich Grill is primarily dedicated to serving parties of one or two during both lunch and dinner. The action is fast and the stools turn quickly; these are the best seats in the house. Anton Weidlinger has chosen to be permanently stationed at the counter since joining Tadich Grill in 1990.