Tadich Grill

Critic's Corner

Tadich Grill has hosted both famous and regular folks. The famous have ranged from Joe Montana to Clark Gable to Roger Ebert who wrote, "What Casa Blanca is to the movies...you are to fish." They all rave about food quality in general, the best seafood in particular, proper brisk service and a tether to tradition that’s as old as the city of San Francisco itself.

Afar Magazine

"For 165 years, Tadich Grill in San Francisco's financial district has operated at the same rhythm. Salmon sizzles under the broiler, white-jacketed bartenders stir and shake lunch-hour martinis, and servers hurry by with bowls of the restaurant's famous cioppino, a tomato-wine stew brimming with clams, mussels, shrimp, whitefish, and Dungeness crab...When I heard that Tadich was opening a second location in Washington, D.C., I realized it was time to discover cioppino before East Coasters beat me to it." Read more >>   

Forbes Magazine

"Tadich Grill One of the World’s 10 Great Classic Restaurants Well Worth Visiting." Read more >>   

Gourmet Magazine

"Seafood cooked rare by request only" warns the old-fashioned menu of TADICH GRILL, which goes back to the time of the Gold Rush. Tadich’s thoroughly panfried sand dabs, not to mention its Dungeness Crab Louie and charcoal-broiled chops and steaks, suit plenty of San Franciscans whose great grandfathers ate the same dishes in their day."   

San Francisco Chronicle

"Crossing the threshold feels like walking into a men’s club, with dark wood, brass accents and private booths that over the years have seen more than their share of deal-closing lunches and occasional indiscretions.  The menu of seafood, creamy casseroles and hearty stews may be the draw for many, but continuity and nostalgia is what brings most back day after day, week after week, year after year."

San Francisco Magazine

"The vintage 1849 fish house is San Francisco's oldest restaurant, and you get the impression some of the waiters have been working there since day one. This financial district landmark is all about the atmosphere, which is urban, and old school.  Tourists and business folks crowd the doorway to vie for one of the tables. Regulars know to grab a seat at the counter and to keep their order simple, ask for what’s fresh, have it grilled and wash it down with a martini or three. Tadich Grill is that kind of place."  

Nation's Restaurant News

"Many say the fact that nothing has changed at Tadich Grill in living memory is the reason it's still almost always packed.  The fish is as varied and fresh as the last several dozen visits, the faces of the wait staff haven’t changed for decades it seems, and the clatter and chattering mix of businessfolk and laughing families is as it always has been."

New York Times
"Few restaurants last 50 years, let alone 162. Tadich’s is older than Gage and Tollner and Peter Luger in Brooklyn, almost as old as Antoine’s in olde New Orleans.  In a city known for cutting-edge restaurants, Tadich’s is old-fashioned, a nostalgic shrine to local piscine tradition."

10 of the World's Greatest Old Dining Institutions

"The oldest continuously running restaurant in San Francisco, the bustling Tadich offers a magical brand of vibrant timelessness: Thursday will always be corned-beef-and-cabbage day, and the waiters remain white-jacketed and efficient. All seafood is locally sourced, and nothing overfished is offered. Festive without being stuffy, it offers a taste of the San Francisco of yore while embracing the present day."

And here’s what a few of our friends have been saying recently:

  Emeril Lagasse - "The Originals"
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Anthony Bourdain - "No Reservations"

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    ..."no matter what religion you are, you are not truly baptized until you have lunch or dinner at Tadich Grill."       "I like this place! This is wonderful, I am ashamed we don't have something like this in New York."
  Food(ography) - With Mo Rocca
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Tyler Florence - "Best Thing I Have Ever Ate"

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    "Tadich Grill is my favorite San Francisco Eatery! I really do not say that to every place I eat at in San Francisco!"       "When we talk about old school restaurants, my favorite place in San Francisco has to be the Tadich Grill."
  Hook Line and Dinner - Ben Sargent
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Michael Bauer on KGO Radio, San Francisco

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    "I don't imagine a restaurant hanging around all these years without using only fresh ingredients."       "San Francisco has a rich dining history and no restaurant is as steeped in tradition as Tadich Grill. It feels like Tadich is single handedly keeping the classic cioppino alive."