Tadich Grill

Critic's Corner

And here’s what a few of our friends have been saying recently:

  Emeril Lagasse - "The Originals"
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Anthony Bourdain - "No Reservations"

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    ..."no matter what religion you are, you are not truly baptized until you have lunch or dinner at Tadich Grill."       "I like this place! This is wonderful, I am ashamed we don't have something like this in New York."
  Food(ography) - With Mo Rocca
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Tyler Florence - "Best Thing I Have Ever Ate"

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    "Tadich Grill is my favorite San Francisco Eatery! I really do not say that to every place I eat at in San Francisco!"       "When we talk about old school restaurants, my favorite place in San Francisco has to be the Tadich Grill."
  Hook Line and Dinner - Ben Sargent
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Michael Bauer on KGO Radio, San Francisco

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    "I don't imagine a restaurant hanging around all these years without using only fresh ingredients."       "San Francisco has a rich dining history and no restaurant is as steeped in tradition as Tadich Grill. It feels like Tadich is single handedly keeping the classic cioppino alive."